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The Equi-Soft® Saddle Girth: Maximum freedom of movement and breathing for your horse

The Equi-Soft® Saddle Girth is an innovation for horses and riders that offers a unique combination of benefits:

  • Elastic Rings: The elastic rings of the Equi-Soft girth expand and contract with the horse's breathing, ensuring constant and uniform pressure distribution. This allows the horse to expand its chest comfortably.
  • Uniform Pressure Distribution: The girth's ergonomic and fan-shaped design wraps around the chest from below and slightly to the sides, offering freedom of movement while significantly reducing girthiness.
  • Stress Reduction during Girth Tightening: The elastic rings of the Equi-Soft reduce girth pressure, minimizing stress levels in the horse.
  • Lower Heart Rate: A scientific study on various girths demonstrated that all horses showed a significantly lower heart rate when using the Equi-Soft girth.

Colour and size options: The Equi-Soft Saddle Girth is available in the leather colours Black, Ebony, and Tobacco. As a short girth, we offer sizes from 40 cm to 85 cm, while the long girth is available in sizes from 100 cm to 150 cm. It is recommended to use the regular girth length for your horse.

Important Note: For proper use of the Equi-Soft girth, ensure that the cover is correctly positioned on the girth, and the holes are free. The center of the girth should be placed centrally on the horse's girth line. Even tension on both sides of the girth is recommended for optimal pressure distribution. Do not tighten the girth too much, as it may hinder chest expansion.

The Equi-Soft girth should only be used in combination with the matching Equi-Soft cover.

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