Gläserne Manufaktur
Our Glaserne Manufaktur offers you the opportunity the come visit and see our workshop and the production process of our premium saddles. It is also our showroom, flagship store, and event location. There is no better place to experience Stubben. Visit our headquarters including saddle production and world wide logistic hub, our friendly staff is at your service from Monday - Friday 10AM - 6 PM.

1. Showroom and Flagship Store. Our showroom offers the ultimate Stubben experience . All products from saddles to leather accessories and Steel Tec are available to you. You can count on our highly knowledgable Stubben staff to answer all of your questions about our 30 saddle models, with up to 4,928 possible configurations. You will get exclusive service around Steel Tec, accessories, saddle girths and much more. If you are interested in purchasing a new saddle the Glaserne Manufaktur is the perfect location to get inspired. Our very knowledgable master saddlers are there to help you find the correct fit for you and your horse. To do a saddle fitting on site just bring your horse.

2. Repair Center. Experience direct contact with the Stubben professional that will be making repairs or alterations to your saddle and tack. Small jobs can usually be completed while you wait, sit back relax and enjoy a coffee or beverage. More complex repairs will be completed in five working days.

3. Manufacturing Experience. You are welcome to view the manufacturing process thru the large glass window in our showroom. Upon request you can have a personalized tour thru the workshop and see where it all begins You will see of all of the steps involved from start to finish in creating a handcrafted masterpiece. Please feel free to ask any questions during your tour. Appointments can be made to accommodate larger groups.

4. Event Location. The Glaserne Manufaktur is used at times for educational seminars from horse professionals in the equine industry.

5. Outlet. At the Gaserne Manufaktur you can find special deals and great prices.